Sunday, October 12, 2008

Play Day!

Well my sister Karly has had some really bad morning sickenss with her second pregnancy so I took her little girl Lyla for the day! It was so much fun we went to Arctic Circle and played and had lunch the went to the 99 cent store and bought some junk. She is so cute and my kids love her so it was not a problem at all. Though gettting two almost two year olds in and out of the car was a bit interesting, I do not know how parents of twins do it.


Karly Michelsen said...

lol i love the picture of Brielle helping Lyla down the slide...i can just imagine lyla pushing her away and screaming. I'm glad they all get along so well. Thanks again for taking her! I think I will let you take her again soon... ;)

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! Looks like fun, I need to be better about taking Maklee to do fun things once in awhile she gets so bored.

Katie Johnson said...

love the pictures!! keep 'em comin!