Thursday, December 11, 2008

Death of a Mother!

Monday, I got my tonsils and adenoids removed. Plus had work done on my non working nose. I had a deviated septum fixed, palopes and laser removal of the glands. The doctor said my nose was way worse once he got in there and that his is not sure how I survived as long as I did with that nose.
Well I have always known that I have a high tolerance for medications, it takes a lot to knock me out and a lot to relieve pain so they had a hard time putting me to sleep. Then of course had a hard time waking me up! I woke up in recovery having an asthma attack, fun right! I was in pain plus I could not breath, great combo! After they got the attack under control they started giving me pain meds! Awwhh, much better! I felt so good I guess I forgot to breath and actually stopped. The nurses and whole staff were at my bedside freakin out, which is to be expected right!
No more pain meds! I was dying! They would not give me anymore because of the breathing issues. I kept forgetting to breathe! I think at one point I said I would rather be pain free and not breathe, they did not go for that!
The pain is horrendous but it is hard to pin point what hurts the worst! The nose, throat or face! The pain meds I'm on now are really strong and I had to cut back because again I would forget to breathe! My sister had to keep yelling at me to breathe in the middle of the night!
Of course, I had to have an allergic reaction to something and my tongue, uvula and face are so swollen! I cannot even talk which is the worst thing in the world for me, right! I have no control at all!
Now I have added 5 more pills to my daily drugs to help the allergic reaction, great!
Oh yea I have like plastic straws sewn into my nose to hold it open, help with swelling and to help it drain, yummy! They freakin hurt and so do the stitches! I do not want to get them removed though, scared!
I'm a whiner I know!
Oh yea if this post does not make sense, I am sorry I am so drugged I can barely see!

Thanks to all that have helped and brought dinners, much appreciated by the family because of course I cannot eat!

Good News---Down 9.5lbs! The whole reason for the surgery!!


Mary Ann said...

How awful! I can't even imagine going through surgery and not being able to have pain medication after. I can't believe it causes you to quit breathing! I hope your recovery is quick and you get out of pain soon!

Jana and Family said...

The not breathing happened to me once too. Scary, but I too told them to just let me go to sleep. If there is anything you need please call. I live just down the road ya know, I can be there likity split! Hope you feel better soon!

Ryan, Carrie, Kaydree, and Carver said...

I can't believe you went through all that...I want to call you but can you even talk? But hey, at least maybe now you can quit your addiction to nasal spray, right?

The Ward Family said...

Yikes! That does not look like fun! Hope swelling goes down and pain goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl. You were pathetic, but just know that I love you.

Love, Mimi

Cody and Britt said...

Hey there! I just asked Cody and he said his mom found the PJ's for them in the SkyMall magazine last year. I'm pretty sure they'd still have them though...good luck!