Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! Christmas Eve at Mimi & Papa Milius' then Christmas Day at Mona and Coke Stefan's! It was a great holiday. Brielle and Dawson loved every minute of all the gifts and David and I enjoyed every minute of seeing them happy. We are so grateful for our children and the fact that Dawson is a miracle. This season seemed to mean more because of the past 5 months. We took time just to enjoy the kids excitement and treasure the moment. When I look back on the last five months I cannot help but get emotional. Things could have ended so differently, they could have ended so badly but instead we got a miracle :) We are thankful for everyday!


Tina said...

Remember those key words "it could have" but it DIDN'T! You are all very blessed and we are so happy Dawson is healthy and that he and Brielle "SCORED" at Christmas!
That new ride looks SWEET!

Jana and Family said...

Hey just wanted to say thanks for your testimony today. Didn't get to tell you before you got away.

Anonymous said...

You truly are a beautiful family and I am not juwt saying that because I love you. Christmas was fun this year, Next year will be even better.

Once again, we have had our prayers answered and Heavenly Father continues to keep Dawson well and healthy. He will out live us all. He is needed here on earth.

I love and miss you but I will see you soon,

Love, Mimi