Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Off to Primary Children's We Go!

Well today is the day! Dawson is getting his tonsils out at 3:45pm and because of his history we are spending the night, yea! That means a wonderful chair for Mommy to sleep in and nurses coming in every 4 hours. :) I am really torn about doing this procedure, I mean I know he needs it done he has had strep throat for about 3 months straight but right now he is healthy. It is really hard to inflict pain on your child especially one that has been through so much!
Though here is the break down for the last 3 months:
6 strep throats
6 anti-biotics (including injections)

9 doctors visits (just for strep)
1 ER visit

20 days of fevers

two bottles of Motrin
3 months of sleep deprivation :(

The above statistics does not even include the broken foot which required 2 doctors visits, a casting, plus a cast removal!
(Disclaimer: The photo is of an Oreo cookie mouth!)


Mary Ann said...

Good luck! Our prayers will be with you that all goes well and that he recovers quickly.

Ryan, Carrie, Kaydree, and Carver said...

I wish I would've had mine out when I was younger...I had strep all the time! Anyway, Chris's girls had it done and they just lasered them off and were at our house playing later that day. It sounds like Dawson will have to get it done the old fashioned way though...Good Luck!