Wednesday, December 3, 2008

He did good!

Well the took Dawson in at 3:15pm and he was done by 4pm. That is what I call an efficient surgery! The gave him a drug in the play room that makes them feel drunk and it is hilarious! He woke up cranky but that's to be expected and he was on drugs all night.
The hospital was having problems with there heater and it was so hot I am not sure if he or I sleep all night! At midnight the nurses started distributing fans, that's how miserable it was. Then at 2am I almost left against doctors orders, it was by far the worst hospital stay ever, to date! Our bed did not work, the room was a cubicle and we were sweating!
Enough complaining, Dawson is doing good, surprising me but let's face it this kid is a tough cookie. He seems like his throat feels better than when he has strep. By that I mean he is eating and drinking better than when he has strep. Maybe it is the liquid Loritab :)
David is off tomorrow so that means I am off to work! Then Monday time for my tonsils to come out. I am clinging to the 10-15lbs. weight loss that is expected not the excruciating pain that I will be in! :(

Didn't get any pictures of Dawson after surgery to busy holding him. Oh yea I dyed my hair for those of you who have not seen me!


Katie Johnson said...

yay for baby D doing good! sorry to hear your visit was just awful. but think of it this way, he wont have strep anymore! p.s. I like your hair. is it brown or just dark red? ive always wanted to do that to my hair.

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad everything went well (except for the yucky hospital stay). I'm sorry to hear you have to have your tonsils out! Yikes! Good luck!

Andrea said...

I am happy that things went smoothly. I am sad about the heat. I know how much you hate the heat, as do I! You should seriously have some punch card where your next hospital visit is FREE!!

The Ward Family said...

Your hair looks great!

Todd Family said...

Keven had absyss in his throat really bad and strep throat. He kept getting those pus pockets on his tonsils and they had to drain it! Eventually his tounsils came out (this is when we were dating) and they gave him a huge thing of liquid Loritab! I was laughing when you brought that up because Keven LOVED that stuff! he was so funny when he had i imagine how a little one would do!