Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Painted Faces..........

Here are the kids with there face's painted.... My little brothers Ryan (8)was a black and white tiger, Scot (5) regular tiger and Brielle was a pink Tiger

I think they all look kinda scary to tell you the truth. My 18 month old Nephew was terrified of them. :)
They waited in line for a serious hour to get this done. Then we watched the fireworks and went home and washed it off :(..... Good thing it was only $3, hahaha. They loved it!

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Katie Johnson said...

wow. someone did a GREAT job! everytime I see pictures of ryan I get sad. he's getting really old and not a lil boy anymore. dot is still a lil boy so Im ok with him. when he gets bigger ill be sad. sometimes pictures like these make me wanna cry.